Sunday, May 12, 2019

Bubble Counter floats above other apps

This app makes it easy to count something (reps, in my case) while using any app. If it looks familiar, it's because I previously reviewed an almost identical app that differed in how you closed the bubble and reset the count. I like the gesture based interface of this version better. The picture at right shows the settings but to be clear after you close that the green counter remains for you to position where you please. Free/no ads, but there's a paid version with more features which you should probably buy to support the developer!

Bubble Tally Counter (0.1MB, $0.0)

Excellent scientific calculator, free no ads

The android OS has a very basic calculator built in, but it's pretty lacking. I really like this one, which has all the normal scientific calculator features you'd expect, a good history display, and puts commas after every 3 digits, like a good little calculator.

No ads, no nags. There is a paid version for $1 that adds some features that frankly I don't miss. But it's probably worth supporting high quality work like this one.

CalcTastic Scientific Calculator (3MB, $0.00)