Monday, October 1, 2018

World of goo: tapioca bridges make a great physics puzzle game

Price: $5 regularly, $1 sale (fairly often).

This very old game dates back to the Wii but is the perfect fit for a larger screen Android (do they make any other type these days?). A bridge building puzzler set in a nicely rendered fantasy world, this game mostly tests your wits as a structural engineer and general problem solver using the most unlikely building blocks: Cute good blobs joined by semi-rigid protoplasmic girders. The levels are often variations on how high a tower or how long a bridge you can build, factoring in many constraints from the environment of the level. The game keeps it fresh by throwing in some clever puzzles where the solution is far from obvious, but completely logical. There's also a decent story line and varied level graphics and designs. In the end it feels over too soon, after maybe 4 hours.

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